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Notes to AC Sanitation:
Contractor Service Agreement
The Arizona City Contractor's package is $216 + Fuel Sur-Charge per dumpster for up to four (4) months.  The 6 yard construction dumpster includes 6 pickups.  You will be charged $27 for each additional pickup once you hit your maximum allowed amount.  The dumpster will be checked twice a week and emptied when full or when requested by the customer. The dumpster will be picked up after four (4) months, unless other arrangements are made with our office.  Delinquent accounts over 30 days are sent to collections and collection fees may be charged.

The dumpster is considered full when the trash is level with the rim of the container.  Do not let boards, tree limbs, boxes, or any other materials hang over the sides.  Do not load the dumpster unevenly or allow material to concentrate on one side.  Keep the material weight evenly distributed.  You will be responsible for unloading overloaded containers.  The dumpster will be checked twice a week and emptied when full.

Trash put into the dumpster hereunder will not contain any hazardous or toxic waste as defined by local, state, federal or provincial laws or regulations. No steel, tires, batteries, appliances, dirt, concrete or gravel may be deposited.  Keep the area around the dumpster clear so that the truck can have clear access to it.  The dumpster must be facing the direction from which our truck will arrive.  The dumpster will not be emptied if a vehicle or other obstacle is blocking our clear access.  Our dumpsters are not to be moved by anyone other than our employees.  Please call our office if you require our dumpster to be moved.

Customer agrees to defend, hold harmless and indemnify ACSS against all claims, lawsuits, and any other liability of injury to persons or damage to property or environment connected with the use of the equipment.  Customer warrants that any right-of-way provided by Customer to and from Customer's equipment location to the most convenient public way is sufficient to bear the weight of all of ACSS's equipment and vehicles reasonable required to perform the service herein contracted.  ACSS shall not be responsible for damage to any private pavement or accompanying sub-surface of any route reasonably necessary to perform services herein contracted.

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